Flipping Death Review

This game was provided by the Developer Zoink Games. 

You play as Penny a goth who “isn’t a goth” who is looking forward to Halloween long before it is happening. Dressed as a demon she is doing her job trying to sell a funeral to an old woman whose husband has just died offering a rather strange one at them and loses her job because of it. Upon losing her job she does what anyone of us would do and head to the local cemetery for a make-out session with her boyfriend. Upon her arriving she finds a cool looking crypt and decides to enter which lead to her death just after surviving a car crash not long before it.

Death is not the end for poor Penny as when she enters the world of the dead she meets death who mistakes her for a demon he was expecting to take over so he can have his long needed holiday.


Penny is tasked with helping solve the issues of the dead who are stuck with unresolved issues so its up to you to help them so they can move on to do this you must possess people in the world of the living do ing so will flip you from the world of the dead to the world of the living possession lets you read peoples minds which will, in turn, give you hints about what to do next and also provide some entertaining dialogues when penny talks back to them, you can also control their movements and use their abilities to complete tasks that will let the people in the world of the dead move on. Each character has a different ability such as a would-be supervillain who has the ability to poke things or a murder who can lick anything all this just adds to the charm of the game.

The game also has collectable cards for you to find which will give you more information about the characters.  There are also spirits you need to collect which act as a currency you use to possess living characters different characters, which require a different amount of spirits and some characters need a rarer type of spirit to be able to possess them.


Repetitive tasks never feel repetitive due to the funny dialogue of the characters and how each and every one of them is weird in their own special way ( a personal favourite of mine is the dentist whose voice reminds me of Joe from Family Guy)


Flipping Death is a great game which will provide many hours of fun, it’s even better if you have a darker sense of humour. The only downsides I found about it was sometimes on the chapter loading screens the spoken dialogue and the subtitles can be little out of sync but its a minor issue. Flipping Death is a fantastic game which deserves your time!

I give Flipping Death a 9 out of 10.

Flipping Death is available now on the Nintendo e-shop for $19.99 (US/Canada) or  £17.99 (UK/EU/AU)


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