Robbotto Review


This Game was provided by the developer JMJ Interactive

Robbotto is a retro-inspired, arcade game. To play the role of Robb or Otto whose goal is to disable all the malfunctioning robots on your gigantic space freighter which flew through a magnetic storm, the only reason Robb and Otto were not affected by it, is because they were putting out a fire in the shield generator.

There is no introduction to the story as said above or telling you what your goal is, you are given a brief tutorial on how to take out the malfunctioning robots using electricity and water and how to move and jump the only way you would know about the story is by reading the games shop page.


The game supports TV, Table Top, and Handheld mode. You can play using double joy-cons, the pro controller or using a single joy-con which is handy because the game is a two player game. Player 1 will always play as Robb and player 2 will always be Otto, so if you play 1 player mode you won’t get the chance to play as Otto.

The game features 100 levels over which you will encounter 20 different enemies, some will jump, will shoot a laser in a straight line. Every 10th level will be a boss fight, which will require you to destroy the larger malfunctioning robot, there is an indicator showing how many times you must hit the robot to disable it.



The game has 3 levels of difficulty Normal, Hard, and Extreme.

Normal mode grants you unlimited continues, when you lose all your lives you can either continue and you score resets to zero or save and quit.

Hard mode grants you 5 continues and Extreme mode you get none.

Upon defeating all the robots in a level they will drop something which will give you extra points if you pick them up, you do need to think at the start of a level where the exit portal will appear and where to defeat the robots as if the portal is blocking the items dropped or its in an area you can reach anymore then they are gone. You also get a time bonus for how fast you beat each level.

When you beat all 100 levels you will unlock Boss rush where you will face off against all of the bosses again.


2 player mode adds a slight twist to the gameplay and encourages you to work together to beat the other robots due to the fact only Robb can shoot electric to weaken the robots and Otto is the only one who can shoot water so you really have to communicate and time your attacks right to ensure you succeed.

The games retro graphics look great in all modes of play, and the games retro music is pleasant to the ears and feels like something you won’t get tired of hearing.

Robbotto is a great arcade game which is fun to play on your own or with someone else.

I give Robbotto a 7/10

Robbotto is out now on the Nintendo Switch e-shop.

JMJ Interactive website    Robbotto’s Nintendo page

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