Awkward Review

This game was provided to me by Snap Finger Click.

Awkward is a card game in which you are asked a question and given two choices you have to press either the Y button or the A button to choose the answer that you agree with more, it will then show you what the rest of the world chose and then what percentage of the world choose each answer . The questions are simple such as which is the better desert Cheesecake or Banana split. At the end of each round, you will be shown your current conformity which will range from 0-100% after that it’s on to the next round there are 3 rounds in total in each game. While most of the questions are questions you may ask people day to day you may get asked a question which is a little more Awkward from time to time.

Upon opening the game for the first things you will see is a warning. According to the warning, the game you are about to play was created in the 1800s but banned for over 100 years. It claims it has the power to transform acquaintances into best friends and also ruin relationships and start fights.

2018100219165200-A6D85A452823FC08A691D537AB87C24AYou can play with between 1-6 players, the more players you have the more different modes which will work, in total the game has 4 modes

co-op which requires 2 players.

Team-play in which the amount of players is divided between a team of 2 where you test your knowledge of each other and see if you know each other well.

Match-up where players are randomly matched up for each question to see how well you know the person.


Solo is where you play and try to guess how people around the world have answered.

If you choose anything besides Solo you will be able to enter each players name and choose your relationship to the person on your team from Friends, romantic or relatives and then answer questions about your self-such as sexual preference.

In multiplayer mode, it will ask one player to answer a question by using the same Y or A option but it won’t show you answer you then pass the controller to the person it asks for and they guess your answer.2018100219062100-A6D85A452823FC08A691D537AB87C24A

The multiplayer modes are much more enjoyable than the solo mode and it is clear to see how answering wrong when it comes to your partner can cause some arguments or getting the correct answer could bring you closer.

The graphics of the game are fairly simple each question is presented on a wooden plank background with a hand holding the question and the two options below it the rest of the world screen has a little more going on but it is still simple, simple isn’t a bad thing as in this case as the background doesn’t distract you from the answers which if it did distract you could lead you to answer the question wrong and that could cause some troubles. In the multiplayer modes, it gives you a match-ability score for your teammate rather than a conformity level


The music is also fairly simple but enjoyable, it’s a simple guitar and drum beat which repeats through the game but for me, it didn’t get repetitive.

All in all, it is a simple game which is best played with others for a bit of fun but its simple nature doesn’t make you want to play it again and again on your own.

I give the game a 6 out of 10.

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