RICO Review

This Game was provided to us by the publisher Rising Star Games.

RICO is a twin-stick buddy cop shooter on the Nintendo Switch and various other platforms.

It can be played on your own or in Co-Op with a friend via local, online or with random people online.

Your aim is to close your case within 24 hours, each case is made up of a gird of missions clear one to move on to the next mission. When you complete a mission you are awarded merits for each given task you are given such as kill eight criminals with a headshot or kill three people while sliding on the floor.


Upon meeting the requirements for a certain task you may be warned that reinforcements are on the way giving you more criminals to take down. When you complete a mission and have earned your merits you can use them to buy new guns,  tactical weapons, grenades and also armour and health you can even buy accessories such as flashlights and laser sight to add to your gun.

You learn quickly to take as little damage as possible, after completing your mission your health is not replenished, you must use your merits to heal yourself, you can find health kits in each mission as well as ammo. Small packs are picked up automatically as well as ammo from enemy guns which are compatible with your weapon, large boxes must be opened by pressing B, B is the interact button used to kick down doors, deactivate bombs, open evidence and pick up money.

The area each mission is played on is randomly generated, for example in one mission I was on the 18th floor of an apartment building and I had to take down the thugs across two apartments.

The tasks you will get will vary from each mission, you will always have to collect evidence from metal briefcases, but you may also have defuse bombs and you will have a time limit from the moment you enter the room with the first bomb to defuse it and then defuse the other bombs, other tasks include clearing all the rooms, clearing a room in slow time, making so many sliding kills, headshot kills and destroying computer servers.

These tasks are not all required, once you have all your evidence you are able to leave but completing them will earn you more merits.

There are four characters to choose from, you can choose your character by choosing the character set up in the top left of your screen, the characters are called Travis Walker, Sofia Alvarez, Christine Wei, and Frank Walsh. Each character can have 4 traits which will help make your life easier and these are unlocked as you play through missions.

When you die all your weapons and accessory’s you have earned are lost and you must start again, your traits, however, are never lost.Rico_Screenshot_14_03_2018_12_28_42

The game has 3 modes Quick, Case and Daily.

In Quick, you can play operation, training and lockdown

Operation lets you play a random mission, training put you in the training room, and lockdown puts you in a car pack and you must kill waves of enemy’s.

Case lets you play through a full case in which you have twenty-four hours to complete, these have 3 levels of difficulty easy, medium and hard.

Lastly, there is daily, in which you play a daily mission in easy medium and hard and earn RP

You can also play lockdown and kill house each has their own leaderboard and all modes can be played in co-op. In handheld, split-screen co-op is not available.

The game has some interesting mechanics, such as kicking or sliding through a door, doing so you will enter for a short time a slow mode, think witch time in Bayonetta, in which criminals move slowly and so do their bullets and it resembles something out of the Matrix movies.

The game’s graphics look great in both handheld and docked mode and reminded me a little of wind waker’s art style be it more realistic.

During my time playing the game I did encounter a few issues, in one mission after picking up the evidence the game didn’t register I had picked it up, the evidence disappeared and left me no choice but to fail the mission, another time after failing a mission the games menu failed to load, and one time the game wouldn’t accept and input to start a new mission leaving me to close the game and reopen it. But these issues were encountered a month before the release of the game so they could be sorted out before its release.Rico_Screenshot_30_05_2017_10_58_35

Enemy AI isn’t always the best, at times I have had a large group of enemies charge into the room only for the buy in the back to fire his shotgun killing his friend charging at me. Other times they shoot their own servers when they are standing behind them trying to shoot you.

For the those of you who can no longer use twin sticks due to using motion controls in games such as Splatoon 2, good news, RICO has motion controls available, they are not as good as Splatoon’s motion controls but it does work well, the only thing I would like to be added would be a button to center the crosshair like in Splatoon.

In conclusion, RICO is a hell of a lot of fun, the randomly generated missions mean there are never not enough missions to play giving it so much replay value.

I give RICO a score of 8 out of 10.


RICO is out on the Nintendo eShop on March 14th for $19.99 / £17.99 / (euros)19.99

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