Sigi – A fart for Melusina

This game was provided to us by the publisher Sometimes You

Sigi – A fart for Melusina is a side-scrolling platformer similar to 2D Mario games.

You play the role of Sigi a Knight who meets a beautiful mermaid at the start of the game after he sees her he lets out a large fart which scares Melusina away. Your aim is to find her by passing through the 20 levels in the game fighting various enemies and bosses.


The game is very short, you can speed run the game in around 30 minutes while those who want to take it a little slower will take around 1 hour to beat the game. At the end of each level, you will reach a food van, Sigi will eat the food then do a small dance and then let out a small fart.

In each level, you can collect coins, weapons, shields, which are extra lives, and four letters which spell the Sigi. Each level will have hidden caves and holes in the ground in which you will find more coins, collecting a hundred of them will give you an extra life, or sometimes a letter. These are found by attacking the walls on jumping on the ground, you will know you have found one by the vibration you will feel.


You will encounter various enemies on your journey from zombies to bats, spiders snakes and fireball spitting plants which have explosive heads, none of them are hard to beat, each taking one or two hits from your weapon to beat.

The weapon you have feels a little forced upon you, as they are sometimes placed in a way you can’t avoid them meaning if you prefer using the three throwing daggers over a single throwing sword, it can be a little frustrating and at times you seem to switch between weapons too frequently but if you don’t want to use a weapon in most cases you can jump on an enemy to take it out.

There are 4 bosses in the game so you will encounter one every 5 levels. Each one will have a pattern you need to follow in order to beat it, as an example the first boss Blind John will charge at you, you must use the tyre to jump to a platform above you so he hits the wall allowing you to hit him with your weapon a few times before he recovers and shooting a fireball at you, after a few hits zombies will start to appear making it harder for you to hit John as they get in the way, as the fight goes on you will have pooping crows and running skeletons joining the fight.

Sigi will also at times talk to himself in humorous ways such as asking zombies if they want a head massage just before stomping on their heads or saying Blind John has seen better days, these moments create short bursts of comic relief and add to the game’s charm.


The game has great looking 8-bit graphics and a chiptune soundtrack playing in the background. The game supports joy-con and pro controller, using the stick feels awkward playing the game so using the d-pad or the four buttons on the left joy-con feels much better, the controls are very simple using A and B to jump and attack.

Overall the game is very enjoyable and is great for short play sessions, but small things like the frequent change of weapons take away from its charm.

I give Sigi – A fart for Melusina a score of 7 out of 10.


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