Super Dodgeball Beats Review


This game was provided to me by its publisher Playstack.

Super Dodgeball Beats is claimed to be the worlds first rhythm sports game.

The premise of the game is hitting the ABXY buttons or tilting the L stick in the right direction at the right moment.

If you manage to hit the ‘dodgeball’ symbol at the right time you will get a yeah hit it too early or too late it will tell you and if you do it way too early or late you will get a miss.

At the top of the screen, you will see a meter which shows you who is currently winning the match. If you play the championship mode in the playoffs you can win, lose or draw, but in the later rounds, you can no longer draw a match.

As you build up your combos with hitting ‘yeahs’ in the top right you will build up a special meter which when is full you can either hit the shoulder buttons to activate or shake your controller, I found the latter easier to do.

The game features 3 modes Championship, Multiplayer and Training mode.

pruebas-pantalla-VS.jpgChampionship mode is the single-player campaign in which you work your way through 3 tournaments Rookie, Pro and Legend. Rookie also has the tutorial on how to play so play this part first before jumping into training.

In Championship mode, you play as the Sigma Nerd club who need your help to reach the top of each championship.

In multiplayer you can play against a friend in couch co-op using 1 of 4 teams besides Sigma Nerd Club you can play as  Senile Company, Para-Para Militia and the Power Dancers.TeamSelection.jpg

In training, you can play against any opponent you have faced in Championship mode and choose how hard you want it to be with either rookie or pro.

As you play through training or championship where you win you will build up points and hen you fill the bar you will unlock a new power-up or mascot.

Then there are 3 mascots available and each one will give you a higher chance of getting a certain power-up during your matches.

The game has various wacky power-ups from doughnuts which cover the opponent’s feet making it harder for them to see when to hit the beat, to an image of your mascots head bouncing around your opponents half of the court making it harder for them to keep the beat.ss_3d4647d29aab0d1d78182c2de007ba1aa8ea2443.1920x1080.jpg

The game’s music is very catchy and enjoyable, and the graphics of the game are beautiful anime style.

The game does take getting used to playing, at times as there is a lot going on, on the screen and it can take a while to get used to hitting the beats at the right moment and at times I found it hard to see who’s beat was the next to hit but the more you play the easier this becomes but this does cause some frustration as the misses cause the dodgeball meter to jump to the opponents side fairly quickly.

The game supports all TV mode, Handheld, and Tabletop mode, and you can use dual joy-con ot the pro controller to play.

Overall Super Dodgeball Beats is great fun to play and made we want to keep playing even after multiple losses.

I give Super Dodgeball Beats an 8 out of 10.

Super Dodgeball Beats launches on September 12th for £11.99 / $12.99 / €13.50 on the Nintendo eShop.

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